Gaming PC vs Gaming Laptop

Back in the day, we would only consider purchasing a laptop for getting our work done anywhere and anytime. Although around the past decade, laptops continued evolving into potential portable beasts, where they have become considerably neck and neck with PCs.

If you’re torn between deciding on either building a hefty gaming PC or buying a portable and compactable computer that can include gaming into the equation, worry no longer. As we are going to take a few fundamental aspects and cover them in this article. This will conclude as simple and quick points concerning which one will be the most suitable for your personal needs and convenience.


Gaming PC vs Gaming Laptop, which is better and for whom?


Laptops have been widely known to be perfect for people who are usually away from home and consistently move from one location to another, and that’s usually the main reason as to why one would be so drawn to getting a laptop rather than a PC. Because why not get a computer that allows you to do everything you need to do, and still get the chance to catch a match anytime you can? This provides the ultimate beneficial flexibility, not to mention that newer laptops have become even more light and compact. Also, if a laptop user has the extra room space and any additional equipment like the necessary peripherals, such as a mouse and keyboard, then it’s not impossible for them to indulge themselves into the vibes and atmosphere of using a PC whenever they are home. 



Nowadays, laptops have earned the reputation of no longer being underpowered compared to a PC.

There are quite a few narrowed down features to discuss about in respect to the differences in performances. One point is that PCs have a way better and effective cooling system that won’t be affected, especially GPUs for running hot, unlike laptops that tend to overheat often with very limited and temporary solutions.

Gaming PC vs Gaming Laptop, which is better and for whom?


Also, an important distinction between them is that PCs don’t have issues when it comes to power consumption.

As for laptops, after a specific frame of battery durability, it will reach the end of its life and will require to always have the battery connected, unless it gets replaced, which could be pricey depending on the brand of the laptop.

Last but not least, it’s safe to say that PCs are more cost efficient with a notably better price-performance ratio, where you can get better performance with a gaming PC of equal specifications of a gaming laptop that costs more. 



Gaming PC vs Gaming Laptop


The fact that there is the ability to custom build our own rig with components like a puzzle from scratch according to our budget and needs, makes it even more intriguing for almost anyone to focus investing on a PC.

This gives a gaming PC the utmost significant advantage, since with usually just a screwdriver and some essential IT knowledge, anyone can adjust and replace any components freely. Indeed, a downside would be for a person who can’t attempt to repair their computer without any IT knowledge, because they would have to carry a huge block all the way to a store to get it fixed.

On the other hand, laptops may be possible to be opened and have a couple of parts changed if needed, but most of the time this can’t be achieved due to difficulty of accessing certain thin parts in the laptop without specific special tools and components that are usually not available at hand or for sale for the consumers. Hence, the laptop users would have to send their computer to their laptop brand’s associated manufacturer to be able to do their fixes.


Gaming PC vs Gaming Laptop


This is the fun part for anyone with a gaming PC, and even a plus for those who know how to move around their components inside the case by themselves. If a single component is busted because it wore out or simply reached the peak of its lifetime, it can be easily replaced, or even if you simply want a better CPU, or a faster RAM, then all you need is the budget to get your new desired CPU or RAM and swap the old piece with the new one.

As for laptops, RAM and storage would still be really limited even with the newer and larger gaming laptops that can be considered as the most upgradable of all other laptops. Moreover, another point to keep in mind that makes upgrading a laptop nearly impossible is the fact there are components that are integrated onto the motherboard, for example the CPU and the GPU. 

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