2024 could be the best year to build a PC. We have a handful of new releases from major companies like NVIDIA and AMD, and we also have new product launches from other hardware companies, refreshing their lineups and providing better solutions that will shape the future of PC gaming.

This article will focus on new technologies that we might see, products that will have higher adoption rates, and expected hardware that we might also see this year.

The future of PC gaming is indeed solid

PC gaming is still on the same upward trajectory it has been since 2019, after COVID brought many people back to digital entertainment, especially with many people working from home and deciding to give it a go on their work PCs, or even building PCs to work online and finding their way to gaming.

By 2024 it is predicted that there will be 1.855 billion PC gamers worldwide, and this has led to companies like Sony releasing their exclusives on PC to gain more appeal, and such a move has made people change their minds and go for PC, as they get games ported from PlayStation, and Xbox offers the same games from Series X|S for PC users.

Add to this the rise of cloud services like GeForce NOW for those with weaker PCs who want to play the latest titles, and Xbox Game Pass, which charges a minimal fee for a large library of games from Bethesda, Activision, Ubisoft, EA and Microsoft Game Studios, and there is a better value for gamers over time.

What can we expect from PC companies in 2024?

In an industry where evolution can take place in a matter of a week, planning for the long term may not be the best idea. Most of the time we take it one year at a time, and 2024 could have a lot to show.

APUs return for budget-conscious gamers

The future of PC gaming AMD

With the return of AMD's APUs under the Ryzen 8000 umbrella, we will see many people opting for GPU-less PCs, knowing that Ryzen's brand new CPUs are capable of delivering a good 1080p experience on low to medium settings.

For example, Dota 2 can run at over 100fps for those who love e-sports games, and Cyberpunk 2077 can get close to 50fps using AMD's upscaling technologies, giving a good experience compared to the GTX 1050 and GTX 1650 GPUs that are no longer available.

They are a good choice for people who want a desktop computer for general use at home, and are willing to play video games in their spare time without breaking the bank.

Expected RAM price drops

The future of PC gaming RAM

From now on, AMD is going all out for DDR5 RAM, while Intel is supporting it for one last ride with the 14th generation Core CPUs. This has led to an increase in demand for DDR5 RAM, which in turn has led to a drop in the price of this version.

Most companies offer their DDR5 sticks in many packages, with different speeds, capacities and design options to suit all budgets.

The future of PC gaming on new platforms is directly tied to these parts, so if you want the best, you'll want DDR5 RAM with supporting motherboards, be it from Intel or AMD, and you'll want to future-proof your build as well.

We may not see new GPUs any time soon

The future of PC gaming RTX

2024 may not be the year of the RTX 50 or RX 8000. AMD has filled in the gaps left by the Radeon RX 7000 with cards for all budgets, while NVIDIA has refreshed its range with super cards that offer better value for money.

Video games are still not demanding that much from GPUs, knowing that all the cards in the RTX 40 series or RX 7000 are powerful enough to deliver the best performance at each card's target resolution, and with technologies improving performance, there may not be a need for a YoY upgrade any time soon.

2025 is likely to be the year we see new GPUs, and they will also take a long time to establish themselves in the market, as many people are still stuck with their RTX 30 and RX 6000 cards.

Better laptops for gaming

The future of PC gaming laptop

With the release of the new GPUs and CPUs for the laptop market, we have started to see better laptops in the low to medium price range. The release of laptops with better screens, I/O ports and cooling systems marked a successful first quarter for this market.

New GPUs provided an amazing performance boost with technologies such as DLSS and Reflex, improving frame rates with AI without sacrificing much quality, making them a great option for e-sports players looking for cheap yet powerful performance for games running at 1080p.

Adoption of OLED for PC gamers

The future of PC gaming gaming monitor

OLED gaming monitors are here, and most companies have released or are preparing to release their new monitors. The rise of this market is driven by the demand for better visuals as video games undergo a graphical revolution with titles such as Resident Evil, Assassin's Creed Mirage and the upcoming GTA VI.

The advantage of OLED monitors is their fast response time, which is useful for e-sports players, and the truer colours with better blacks and a higher contrast ratio, making your game look state-of-the-art.

Final verdict: What does the future of PC gaming hold?

This is one of the greatest eras for PC gamers, no matter what type of gamer you are. There is a solution for every need, with unprecedented leaps in performance and many other great technologies to help gamers in every possible use case.

To summarize what you can expect from the future of PC gaming, in 2024 to be precise:

  • Better options for budget-conscious PC gamers.
  • Price drops for many pieces of hardware, especially DDR5 RAM and SSDs.
  • No new releases from the major GPU companies.
  • Better laptops for gamers will hit the market.
  • New generation of OLED monitors for gamers.
  • Higher subscription count for live services like Game Pass and GeForce NOW.

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