Gaming PC vs Gaming Laptop, which is better and for whom?

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Gaming PC vs Gaming Laptop

Gaming PC vs Gaming Laptop Back in the day, we would only consider purchasing a laptop for getting our work done anywhere and anytime. Although around the past decade, laptops continued evolving into potential portable beasts, where they have become considerably neck and neck with PCs. If you’re torn between deciding on either building a hefty gaming PC or buying a portable and compactable computer that can include gaming into the equation, worry no longer. As we are going to take a few fundamental aspects and cover them in this article. This will conclude as simple and quick points concerning...

Top 5 Components when building your Gaming PC

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Top 5 Components when building your Gaming PC - Anigma

Are you having difficulties making up your mind on how to put together or upgrade your gaming PC? Luckily, today we’ll be discussing a gaming PC’s most top 5 important components. This ranking list doesn’t imply that a specific component should be overlooked, as all components play a role. Therefore, this list is looked from the perspective of their functional importance. Let’s begin from component #5 in the list and move our way up.   Storage: Storage is something each and every one of us struggled with at surely more than one point in our lives with any device we...